PrintDeskTop — Define Shortcut Key


You may see a textual or pictorial view of defining a shortcut key.

How to define a shortcut key for PrintDeskTop (textual view):

  1. Download and install PrintDeskTop.
  2. Click the Windows Start button.
  3. Click on All Programs.
  4. Click the PrintDeskTop link.
  5. Right-click the PrintDeskTop icon ().
  6. Click Properties.
  7. Click the Shortcut tab.
  8. Click inside the Shortcut key box.
  9. Press the key or combination of keys you want to use to have PrintDeskTop print your screen.  Ctl+Alt+p is a good choice.
  10. Click OK.
  11. That's it!
  12. If desired, define a different shortcut key for landscape printing.  Substitute "PrintDeskTop" by "PrintDeskTop (landscape)" in step 5 above and perhaps choose Ctl+Alt+L as shortcut key choice.

To print your screen, press the key(s) you defined in step 8 above.  If you chose Ctl+Alt+p, then press and hold the Ctl and Alt and p keys simultaneously and your screen should print.

An alternate solution is to use the freeware utility HoeKey.