PrintDeskTop — Define Shortcut Key


You may see a textual or pictorial view of defining a shortcut key.

How to define a shortcut key for PrintDeskTop (pictorial view):

  1. Download and install PrintDeskTop.

  2. Click the Windows Start button:

  3. Click the All Programs link:

  4. Click the PrintDeskTop link:

  5. Right-click the PrintDeskTop icon:

  6. Click Properties:

  7. Click the Shortcut tab:

  8. Click inside the Shortcut key box:

  9. Press the key or combination of keys you want to use to have PrintDeskTop print your screen.  Ctl+Alt+p is a good choice:

  10. Click OK:

  11. That's it!

To print your screen, press the key(s) you defined in step 9 above.  If you chose Ctl+Alt+p, then press and hold the Ctl and Alt and p keys simultaneously and your screen should print.

An alternate solution is to use the freeware utility HoeKey.